DearMishu Influencer Instagram

DearMishu Instagram account is very close to my heart.  It’s very visual and Mishu can express herself – I feel – in best ways.

I post new answer to followers questions about life 3 x a week.

Every day I..

  1. Follow dozens of dozens of new users that has relevancy to what Mishu is promoting
  2. Engaging with the engagers that comment on DearMishu posts
  3. Engaging with followers on “stories”
  4. Unfollow as many fake and spam as I can
  5. Business development to get a good sponsors for DearMishu posts

Author: DearMishuDad

I’m NG. I’m a former tennis player and Silicon Valley entrepreneur. You may know me from DearMishu, Advice Column – I’m her proud dad. With this site I am hoping to bring something of value to the brand community: straight-forward teaching on how to find, approach, and contract those Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, etc. Influencers. I hope to have an impact and make a contribution to all of those hard working small business owners out there (my brand heroes).

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