Case study: Allie is a good example of micro-influencer who kills it

Case study: Allie is a good example of micro-influencer that kills it.


Allie does not have over 1M followers.  She has only 7.8k – which makes her a micro-influencer.  Even a micro-micro-influencer. HOWEVER, look  how talented she is, how genuine of a message she’s radiating to those 7.8k – she is so real the way she drinks her coffee (the product she promotes here) that it’s..amazing… and ppl LISTEN to her.  And the engagement is GREAT (100 comments, that’s very very high rate compared to her number of followers).

Furthermore, she shows that she cares, she always respond to comments, look:

Alien (micro-influencer) always engage the engagers

Responding brings even more engagement and trust.

Perfect micro-influencer, we need more of you, Allie!

Good luck brand & #Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template here or via sign-up)

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