The best influencer #agencies for bloggers?

There is no “best” Influencer Agency for bloggers (or non bloggers) yet. It’s still early and no one is winning the market yet.

What can I ask when I’m interviewing a potential Influencer to work with?

Here are some good questions:

  1. Ask about their love for your product, because if they don’t love it how can they make others love it.
  2. Have they promoted a similar product or a competitor
  3. How much do they usually charge per post (and why)
  4. Ask to see their best engagemented posts and then ask why they were successful and can they repeat the same success with your post and why.
  5. Ask what the optimal time and days have been for their most engaged posts.
  6. Do they delete the post the day later or keep them forever?
  7. Last, ask them if you can keep the creatives from their sponsored posts that you pay for.

Case Study: A great Facebook Micro-Influencer that bring customers to a potty training book

Let’s analyse a product endoresement of Micro-Influencer Kelly Maire

Case Study: A great Facebook Micro-Influencer that bring customers to a potty training book

She is:

  1. having a very authentic exciting seducing message why she endorses the potty training book
  2. she follows FCC rules with adding the #ad
  3. Results: people LOVE and LISTEN to her voice.. Not only that but they tag their friends to listen to her recommondations too, and that’s the climax the creame of the creame, the best results ever of endoresement: can’t be more WoM (Word-of-mouth) marketing results than that, congrats Kelly, you my hero model!

Should I pay to only Influencers with 1,000,000 followers?

Hmmm number of followers is important, but anything over 2,000 (in many cases) is enough. More important is their quality of posts, and how much their followers are LISTENING to their recommendations. You’ll probably get more attention and more bang for your buck with a smaller Influencer.

“Chase the hashtags.. That’s your Influencer”

Chase the hashtags that are related to your product/brand. See who sticks out as a leader (in terms of engagement) for those hastags. That’s your Influencer

Case study: Allie is a good example of micro-influencer who kills it


Allie does not have over 1M followers.  She has only 7.8k – which makes her a micro-influencer.  Even a micro-micro-influencer. HOWEVER, look  how talented she is, how genuine of a message she’s radiating to those 7.8k – she is so real the way she drinks her coffee (the product she promotes here) that it’s..amazing… and ppl LISTEN to her.  And the engagement is GREAT (100 comments, that’s very very high rate compared to her number of followers).

Furthermore, she shows that she cares, she always respond to comments, look:

Alien (micro-influencer) always engage the engagers

Responding brings even more engagement and trust.

Perfect micro-influencer, we need more of you, Allie!

What determines influence? Is it a calculated #score, fan numbers or something else?

There is a hot debate on that. In my opinion:

A minimum of 50 engagements on their posts (can be comments, retweet’s, replies, like, etc. ).

A minimum of 2,000 followers.

Their posts are totally awesome and original.

Besides that, it’s all a matter of quality, and cannot be measured by tools, only by YOU.

How do I know that an Influencer is #fake?

-Check their followers: are many of them without pictures? No posts? Weird names? No names? No Bio?

-Check what they commented exactly: do the comment looks like an output of a robot? Spam comments..?

-How are their posts – do they look authentic or trash/junk/spam/low quality?


Don’t: “$5 for shout out 🔥🔥🔥 DM me for shout out.”

Here is an example of what worked last year but won’t fly THIS year (or at least not by those who reads my post):

DONT!! $5 for shout out 🔥🔥🔥 DM me for shout out.

There is no point of hiring an influencer for a universal “all-products-are-ok” for me to “shout out”” (not to mention that $5/work sounds like something that will bring negative ROI to you).  In fact, from my experience, you don’t want someone to shout out your product, you want a SERIOUS Influencer  that you KNOW that your product/brand fits the desire of that Influencer followers.  You also want to validate that the Influencer feels GOOD about your product (otherwise how can that Influencer send a good message, a message that all will listen to).


Should I pay a #retainer to the Influencer?

If you are in love with that Influencers job, then why not? This is generally called making them your brand Ambassador but still keep them external contracors. This way they will lock down their schedule for you, and that’s awesome. It’s a big love story…