Case Study: A great Facebook Micro-Influencer that bring customers to a potty training book

Let’s analyse a product endoresement of Micro-Influencer Kelly Maire

Case Study: A great Facebook Micro-Influencer that bring customers to a potty training book

She is:

  1. having a very authentic exciting seducing message why she endorses the potty training book
  2. she follows FCC rules with adding the #ad
  3. Results: people LOVE and LISTEN to her voice.. Not only that but they tag their friends to listen to her recommondations too, and that’s the climax the creame of the creame, the best results ever of endoresement: can’t be more WoM (Word-of-mouth) marketing results than that, congrats Kelly, you my hero model!

Influencer Marketing works and here are some real examples



Influencer marketing WORKS! I’ve compiled some testimonials from Twitter on influencer marketing and it’s pretty impressive.


Please send me your examples of great influencer marketing successes — I’d love to post and share them!
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Dog Resolves Insurance Claim, That’s the Power of Social Media Micro-Influencers

Read here how my dog (and BFF) helped me to resolve my Insurance claim with Insurance company.Β  The power of #MicroInfluencers can b amazing..!!



Case study: Allie is a good example of micro-influencer who kills it


Allie does not have over 1M followers. Β She has only 7.8k – which makes her a micro-influencer.Β  Even a micro-micro-influencer. HOWEVER, look Β how talented she is, how genuine of a message she’s radiating to those 7.8k – she is so real the way she drinks her coffee (the product she promotes here) that it’s..amazing… and ppl LISTEN to her. Β And the engagement is GREAT (100 comments, that’s very very high rate compared to her number of followers).

Furthermore, she shows that she cares, she always respond to comments, look:

Alien (micro-influencer) always engage the engagers

Responding brings even more engagement and trust.

Perfect micro-influencer, we need more of you, Allie!

Don’t: “$5 for shout out πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ DM me for shout out.”

Here is an example of what worked last year but won’t fly THIS year (or at least not by those who reads my post):

DONT!! $5 for shout out πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ DM me for shout out.

There is no point of hiring an influencer for a universal “all-products-are-ok” for me to “shout out”” (not to mention that $5/work sounds like something that will bring negative ROI to you).Β  In fact, from my experience, you don’t want someone to shout out your product, you want a SERIOUS InfluencerΒ  that you KNOW that your product/brand fits the desire of that Influencer followers.Β  You also want to validate that the Influencer feels GOOD about your product (otherwise how can that Influencer send a good message, a message that all will listen to).


Do I need to choose an #Influencer from my same industry?- DearMishuDad answers

Not necessarily. What you need to #focus on is the type of people who follow the Influencer, and what else they might like. For example, my @DearMishu is followed by dog lovers but also by people who are interested in travel, a holistic lifestyle, family, and living in the present. What products would those people like? Get creative!

Case study: how an Influencer made a huge insurance company pay for #medicine


Influencer helps with insurance company out of pocket payment

Here DearMishu- a super hero character – helps her friend solve his insurance problem by getting a company to reimburse a $600 out of pocket payment. He had been trying to get reimbursed for nearly a year with no luck, until β€ͺ#InfluencerMarketing came to the rescue! The results were:

  • very, very responsive (answering within 10 minutes)
  • a promise to fix immediately
  • a process that had been going on for a year ended successfully in two weeks
  • all sides are happy

What I like here the most is that the Influencer used her power to change the world in a good way and to help someone who needed help.

Its good to have an Influencer like that, it’s good…

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! πŸ‘β€“ #DearMishuDad βœŠπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ« (Influencer contract template here:



Case study: why #Influencer Teairra Mari doesn’t smile in her FB #Ad and that’s awesome!

This facebook #Ad by influencer Teairra Mari is excellent, starting with her being up front and fully in compliance with FCC guidelines for transparency in advertising!Β  More analysis below the picture

Influencers case study : Teairra Mai on FB

YES!Β  Facebook Influencer singer Teairra Mai is doing Influencing right –

βœ… #Ad is there, right at the beginning of her ad post, which means compliance with FCC rules and transparency for her followers
βœ… Good engagement
βœ…Β Very high marks on authenticity: I would like to say very very authentic – please take a look – she is NOT smiling. Β That’s her personality, and that’s great- no need to show a lot of teeth if you are an influencer who doesn’t typically smile in a post. Β That’s you, that’s authentic. Keep being yourself, Teairra, and you’ll influence even more.

Conclusion: Authenticity is everything!Β  Not giving a s*** is great, and #BeYou is the formula for being a great #Influencer !!Β  Do all that, AND comply with FCC #Ad requirements – you’re golden!

And here is an example that is the total opposite –

Influencers case study that failed


Yes, they remembered to use #Ad, but this Influencer obviously did not put much thought into the 1 sentence content.Β  No heart, no soul, not really trying….. so it looks like a stupid FB Ad, and hence the low engagement.

Be like Teairra, not like these guys!

Good luck brand heroes! πŸ‘β€“ #DearMishuDad βœŠπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ« (and don’t forget to sign a contract with the #Influencer, here:



Case study: Facebook #Influencer Ad – how to do it right, how to do it wrong

When choosing an influencer, it’s a good idea to review their previous work. This post reviews shows you one Facebook influencer who does it well, and one who doesn’t…

Facebook Influencer OfficialKalaniHilliker is doing the Influencing right.

Facebook Influencer OfficialKalaniHilliker is doing Influencing right –

  1. βœ… #Ads is clearly visible on the content (but does not deter you from wanting to listen to her recommendation)
  2. βœ… Good engagement
  3. βœ… Very authentic and believable (she didn’t copy & paste an ad, her post is natural looking and authentic)
  4. βœ… She gets her followers engaged and interested. As a result, some will buy and recommend the products and her page to their friends.

And here is an example that is the total opposite –

Case study: Facebook Influencing - Not understandable | Too many hashtags | | | | | Not desirable |
This by Tinrocket 1.0.2 (101)
Not understandable | Too many hashtags | | | | | Not desirable |

Needless to say, there was almost no engagement on this post.

I hope these “live” Influencer examples are helpful for you in choosing the right influencer to work with your brand.

Good luck brand heroes! πŸ‘β€“ #DearMishuDad βœŠπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ«

Case study: asking #Influencers for their rates (doing it the right way)

What is the best way to ask an influencer for their pay rate?Β  Like this!

Finding out influencer pay rate

Yes that’s the RIGHT way – just DM a short message to your potential Influencer, and ask for their rates.

The answer in this example is great – straight to the point and showing authenticity (it’s a good sign when an influencer will not agree to promote just any product).

Tip: if the Influencer’s answer is not very clear or sincere, or they don’t ask you about your product, they might not be a Pro

Good luck brand heroes! πŸ‘β€“ @DearMishuDad ✊