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DearMishuDad NG & Mishu
NG & Mishu in a recent pic

About Me: I’m a former tennis player and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, now working on pet-related businesses in partnership with my dog Mishu.

When I first entered the pet-business I was looking for pet Influencers to work with to promote my brand of dog leashes. I couldn’t find the right partners, so I created (together with my BFF Mishu) my own influencer profile (“Dear Mishu, Advice Columnist”).

I also decided that I’d like to help other people — brands and small business owners — achieve their goals by finding and working with social media Influencers.  I’m hoping to bring something of value for the brand community and provide straightforward information that will help you build great campaigns for your brands and products. Why? Because I admire all the brand heroes out there and hope to have an impact and make a contribution.

Where to find the lessons I’ve developed:

Where to find a free Influencer Contract (my gift to the community):  http://dearmishudad.com/influencer-agreement/

I am also available for consulting here and there. Leave me a message at the bottom of the page, where it says “Contact DearMishuDad”



Noam “N.G.” Gordon
Dear Mishu’s dad

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